Faculty and Staff

Offices are located in Jabara Hall. Office numbers 0XX are located in the basement.

Reach us by phone: Dial (316)-978-XXXX

Name Email Office

Phone Ext.

Connie Adamek connie.adamek@wichita.edu 046 JB 3190 Senior Admin Asst.
Elizabeth Behrman elizabeth.behrman@wichita.edu 367 JB 3953 Professor
Tom DeLillo delillo@math.wichita.edu 355A JB 5292 Chair/Professor
Jason Ferguson jason.ferguson@wichita.edu 003 JB 3018 Professor
Terrance Figy terrance.figy@wichita.edu 038 JB 5565 Assistant Professor
Hussein H. Hamdeh hussein.hamdeh@wichita.edu 047 JB 3994 Professor
Foudil Latioui foudil.latioui@wichita.edu 037 JB 6145 Instructor
Holger Meyer holger.meyer@wichita.edu 046A JB, 039 JB 5224/3993 Associate Professor/Director
Mathew Muether mathew.muether@wichita.edu 036 JB 8347 Assistant Professor/Graduate Coordinator
Greg Novacek greg.novacek@wichita.edu 015 JB 3854 Instructor
Anna Solomey asolomey@gmail.com 112 JB 5236 Lab Director
Nickolas Solomey nick.solomey@wichita.edu 010 JB 5134 Professor
Syed Taher syed.taher@wichita.edu 044 JB 3997 Associate Professor
Richard Traverzo traverzo@math.wichita.edu 113 JB 6146 Instructor