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Physics can be tough. Whether it's required for your major or the prerequisite for future courses, we're here to help! Staffed by physics undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty, the Physics Help Room is a FREE physics tutoring service provided by the department with the simple goal of helping you succeed in your physics class.

Spring 2019 Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00   Lynn   Lynn  
9:30 Austin Lynn Austin Lynn Austin
10:00 Austin Lynn Austin Lynn Austin


Austin Lynn Austin Lynn Austin
11:00 Austin   Austin Jonathan  Austin
11:30  Jonathan     Jonathan  Amrutha
12:00 pm  Jonathan     Jonathan  Amrutha
12:30       Jonathan  Amrutha
1:00         Amrutha
3:00 Lynn Lynn Lynn Lynn  
3:30 Lynn Lynn Lynn Lynn  
4:00 Amrutha Amrutha Amrutha Amrutha  
4:30 Amrutha Amrutha Amrutha Amrutha  
5:00 Amrutha Amrutha Amrutha Amrutha  

Where to Go?

The Help Room is located in 029 Jabara Hall . From the elevators is the basement of Jabara Hall make a left turn then a short right turn.

Courses Available for Tutoring

  • PHYS 111 Introductory Physics
  • PHYS 210 Physics of Sound
  • PHYS 213 General College Physics I (Lab help also available)
  • PHYS 214 General College Physics II (Lab help also available)
  • PHYS 313 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I
  • PHYS 314 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II
  • PHYS 315 University Physics Lab I
  • PHYS 316 University Physics Lab II

Apply to be a tutor

Interested in helping students learn physics? Contact Jason Ferguson at