Fall 2014 Physics Seminars

Supported by the Eddy and April Lucas Fund

Wednesdays 2:00 to 3:00 PM, in Jabara Hall room 128

Date Speaker Title Slides Audio
27 Aug. WSU Physics Students and Faculty Welcome Event 1-3PM in the SPS room 030 --- ---
3 Sep. --- --- --- ---
10 Sep. Prof. N. Solomey, Wichita State University Quarks Matter pdf mp3
17 Sep. --- --- --- ---
24 Sep. Prof. Stefan Böttcher, Emory University Optimizing large combinatorial problems with an Extremely Driven Dynamics


1 Oct. Dr. Douglas Higinbotham, Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA High Momentum Nucleons in the Nucleus pdf mp3
8 Oct. Dr. Joseph O'Gallagher, Univ. of Chicago The Promise of Solar Energy ppt mp3
15 Oct. cancelled (Prof. Arial Edery, Bishop's University Canada) cancelled (Black Hole Free Energy during Charged Collapse) --- ---
22 Oct. Prof. Carlo Segre, Illinois Inst. of Technology Advances in Liquid Electrode Batteries pdf mp3
29 Oct.
5 Nov.
12 Nov. Prof. Benjamin Tayo, Pittsburg State University, Kansas Electronic and transport properties of graphene nanoribbons pptx
19 Nov. Dr. Charles H. Mielke, Los Alamos National Lab Quantum Matter in ultra-high magnetic fields pdf mp3
26 Nov. --- Day before Thanksgiving --- ---
3 Dec. Prof. Markus Ahlers, Univ. of Wisconsin The Ice Cube Experimental Neutrino Puzzle pdf mp3

Physics seminars in past semesters