Spring 2014 Physics Seminars

Supported by the Eddy and April Lucas Fund

Wednesdays 2:00 to 3:00 PM, in Jabara Hall room 128

Note: Due to the interview talks by applicants to the new Assistant Professor position the schedule is updated. Some of the talks are at non-standard times and/or locations.

Date Speaker Title Slides Audio
29 Jan. Prof. Carlos Trallero, Kansas State U. Ultra-fast Laser Physics: My computer will be faster than yours pptx mp3
5 Feb.   postponed, WSU closed due to inclement weather --- ---
12 Feb. Prof. Holger Meyer, Wichita State U. The NOvA neutrino experiment at Fermilab   mp3
19 Feb. Prof. Daniel H. McIntosh, Univ. of Missouri at Kansas City The Death of Star Formation in Massive Galaxies Across Cosmic Time keynote mp3
26 Feb. Prof. Craig Dukes, Univ. of Virginia Probing the Frontiers of Physics Using Rare Particle Decays pptx mp3
5 Mar.   --- --- ---
12 Mar. Prof. Roy Briere, Carnegie Mellon University Recent results in charm physics from BES accelerator experiments pdf mp3
26 Mar. Prof. Frederic Sarazin, Colorado School of Mines Low Energy Nuclear Physics with Radioactive Ion Beams pdf mp3
1 Apr. Associate Director Gregory J. Bock, Fermilab and Watkins Visiting Prof. From kaons to neutrinos: How tiny particles can help unlock the secrets of the universe pdf mp3
2 Apr. Associate Director Gregory J. Bock, Fermilab and Watkins Visiting Prof. Accelerating Particle Physics at Fermilab pdf mp3
9 Apr. Dr. Marcel Demarteau, Argonne National Lab High Energy Physics and its connection to other Sciences and Society pdf mp3
16 Apr. Dr. Mehdi Khalighi , GE Medical Research Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin PET/MRI: A quick overview from Physics to Engineering and Application pptx ---
21 Apr. Monday, 3-4PM JB127 Dr. Terrance Figy, University of
Manchester, UK
Electroweak Higgs Boson Production in Association with Three Jets (a.k.a. VBF + 1 Jet) at NLO QCD pdf mp3
23 Apr. Dr. Durga Rajaram, Illinois Institute of Technology MICE: The International Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment pdf mp3
30 Apr. Dr. Mat Muether, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory The NOvA era of neutrino physics and beyond pdf mp3
1 May Thursday, 1:45-2:45 JB336 Dr. Abdelhamid Albaid, Wichita State University Fermion Masses and Mixings, and Higgs Boson Mass in Supersymmetric Unified Framework pdf mp3
7 May Prof. Ian R. Sellers, University of Oklahoma Third Generation Photovoltaics: High Efficiency Solar Cells pdf mp3

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