Spring 2012 Physics Seminars

Supported by the Eddy and April Lucas Fund

Wednesdays 2:00 to 3:00 PM, in Jabara Hall room 128

Date Speaker Title Slides Audio
1 Feb Prof. James Ho Applied physics: titanium aneurysm clip, multifilament aluminum conductor, and liquid-nitrogen ground freezing    
22 Feb Prof. Alexei Grigoriev, Univ. of Tulsa Electrically driven phenomena in ferroelectric materials Yes Yes
6 Mar Prof. Kathy Levin, James Frank Inst., Univ. of Chicago Superconductivity Narratives Yes Yes
7 Mar Prof. Kathy Levin, James Frank Inst., Univ. of Chicago Ultra Cold Condensed Gases Yes Yes
28 Mar Dr. Ken-Pin Hwang, GE Health Care MR Applications for Radiation Therapy Planning Yes Yes
4 Apr Dr. Abdelhamid Albaid, Oklahoma State Univesity Higgs Boson mass in Gauge-mediated super symmetry breaking Yes Yes
11 Apr Dr. Steven Kuhlmann, Argonne National Lab Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe Yes: pdf pptx Yes
18 Apr Prof. Janis McKenna, University of British Columba, Vancouver Something’s the matter with Anti-Matter, CP violation in B decays at the BaBar experiment Yes Yes
25 Apr Prof. Dan Kaplan, Illinois Inst. Of Technology Muon cooling and a future muon collider with new technologies Yes Yes
2 May Prof. Nickolas Solomey, Wichita State University 100 years of Optics anomolies leading to the Special Theory of Relativity    

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