brea     Breea Clark '05                                                  

University of Oklahoma College of Law (2008)

Associate Director of the Office of Academic Integrity Programs, University of Oklahoma. I am responsible for educating students about the role of integrity in education, doling out the consequences when they make mistakes, and reaching out to the community and local high schools about the value of integrity in general.

My Political Science degree: "enabled me to have a firm foundation in appreciating government and the political process. Academia is actually quite political, so while a political science degree was an obvious fit for law school, it has also been an effective tool in working in higher education. I also serve on the Norman City Council, which I lovingly refer to as my second full-time job. It has been exhilirating to use this role to live the political process in terms of campaigning, legislating, and public service in general. My political science degree from WSU has prepared me for all of the hats I wear: administrator, attorney, and elected official. Although I never would've guessed I would have ended up where I am today, looking back it is clear that choosing WSU and Political Science as a whole was one of the best decisions I made for my future


Brittany Stiffler Crabtree '07Brittany Stiffler Crabtree - Class of 2007

Political Science and International Studies Double Major

Senior Strategist with jones huyett Partners. My job is to think about our strategic relations both internally and externally. I try find strategic opportunities to push our partners forward, and to push our own team forward.

Previous positions: Senior Constituent Liaison, and Assistant Press Secretary for Governor Sebelius; Director of Education and Marketing for LeadingEdge Kansas; Consultant for Kansas African American Affairs Commission and Youth United for Positive Action

Advice to Incoming Students: Politics is everywhere. What we studied in school applies to all facets of our lives, because politics is at play in all environments, whether we pay attention to it or not. I think effective communication is key to healthy relationships in the workplace and in our community. Political science and international studies helped me to see a conflict from all sides and understand the value of negotiating through our differences for the common good. My MUN and international studies background has been very helpful in my public relations work. Understanding cultures and conflicts around the world is actually very relevant to understanding cultures and conflicts at home, too.


Ben Nelson - Class of 2004    Ben Nelson '04

Political Science and History Double Major

MPA from Northern Illinois University (2006)

Strategic Services Manager for the City of Wichita, Public Works & Utilities Department. I manage the Strategic Services Division, which includes 30 positions responsible for financial and performance management, personnel, citizen and media communications, and special projects for the City’s largest department. Essentially, we are in charge of business management functions for all of the infrastructure in the state’s largest city. This includes management of more than $400 million in capital and operating budget activities, and serving as spokesperson for media events. Some of the highlights of our recent work include:

• Development of phased water supply plan to ensure adequate water for 50 years

• Implementation of a new street preservation program.

• Designed a three-year plan to maintain compliance with clean air legislation

Previous positions: City Management Internship in Willowbrook, IL; Management Consultant with Olsson Associates in Kansas City; Budget & Policy Analyst with City of Wichita Finance Department

Advice to Incoming Students: I really enjoyed studying political science and am glad I went through the program. The program is strong enough to help you learn critical thinking, analysis, and communication skills needed in your career. But it’s also broad enough to give you multiple paths to pursue after you get your degree. Many former students have ended up in law programs or have run for office. Others have gone on to work for various governmental or international agencies. I discovered that I really enjoyed local government more than the other options and decided to pursue and MPA. The political science program was a good forerunner for graduate school, and the career field I’m in has a lot of opportunities.


Jason Dilts '05    Jason Dilts - Class of 2005

Executive Director, Full Circle Venice.
I work at a spiritual community center founded by actor Andrew Keegan in Venice Beach, CA that's centered on meditation, mindfulness, and holistic community. In my role as Executive Director, I oversee Full Circle’s financial growth, organizational structure/development, and community/national brand as well as manage the staff. I implement and evaluate the organization's staffing structure, recruiting and developing a talented team of 12+. I oversee all aspects of PR, fielding media inquiries and managing press relations. Our space has hosted over 900 spiritual and community events since the doors opened in 2014, with an average of 7-10 unique gatherings taking place at our temple weekly.

Previous positions: Kansas Democratic Party field staff; Nolla for Congress campaign aid; Sedgwick County Democratic Party Executive Director; ROK ICT Director of Community Development; National MS Society Event Manager; Liberty Hill Foundation Senior Event Manager

Advice to incoming students: From political campaigns, activism through the arts, and non-profit management in Wichita, KS to social justice organizing, celebrity PR, and now leading a spiritual center in Los Angeles, CA, my own career has taken many unexpected and exciting turns. While I have had many jobs, I've always had just one mission: to create community for positive change.
Politics at its best brings people together to do good. Anyone with a penchant for having a positive impact on the culture will find that the study of political science equips them with the tools and framework necessary to get to work. Students of political science learn history, systems, models, and theories about local, national, and global affairs, but more importantly come to understand how to apply that knowledge for their own unique impact. Young people are wired to make a difference, though not always through traditional ways. It's never been more important for people to put their passions into practice and for a new generation to rise up.

If you're seeking a degree in political science, don't focus on the job you'll have after college. Ask yourself what your mission in life is. Once you know what you're here to do, the jobs will come, and more importantly you'll be making a lasting impact!


Dan Flynt - Class of 2013   Dan Flynt '13

Development Assistant at Guttmacher Institute. I am responsible for communicating our research to donors as well as researching and engaging prospective donors. I help manage all donor events and logistics for the Development department.

Previous employment: Worked for the President of the Ford Foundation

Advice to incoming students: Majoring in Poli Sci equipped me with the critical thinking skills necessary to be successful throughout my career thus far. A political science student is required to conduct research, communicate effectively in writing, present findings orally, and work in groups often. This diverse set of skills, coupled with a unique education on the workings of the world, is invaluable in life after undergrad.