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Amid COVID-19, Kansas needs improved language services to support health equity

Despite federal legislation that requires healthcare institutions to provide a qualified interpreter for individuals who need language assistance, healthcare interpreting services are offered inconsistently in Kansas.

What history suggests about Kansas senators who voted to acquit Donald Trump

While some white Americans might have been shocked that jurors voted to acquit despite overwhelming evidence of guilt, Black Americans have been experiencing that sort of “justice” for more than a century.

WSU professor, colleagues work on creating comic book app for the visually impaired

Darren DeFrain and his team’s goal is to create an app that will allow comic books to be accessible to the visually impaired.

Republican or Democrat, our system requires accepting facts and losing with grace

As a nation of United States and united citizens, we should use the disastrous and deadly events of last Wednesday to renew our bonds of citizenship. Our Founders made July 4 our Independence Day. We should make Jan. 6 our Interdependence Day, and resolve to compete in elections and then accept when we lose.

Wichita State political science experts have contributed to election coverage in international, national and local media

Neal Allen and Alexandra Middlewood have been giving interviews on upcoming elections. 

How drones help archaeologists peer into the earth

Don Blakeslee and his team had already experimented with a drone, but its regular camera didn’t register enough detail. Jesse Casana's new thermal imaging drone exposed something exciting.

New find at lost city in Kansas

The Lost City of Etzanoa may have had up to 20,000 Native Americans living on the banks of the Walnut River inside current Arkansas City...“This is the next big thing here,” said Dr. Donald Blakeslee, professor of anthropology at Wichita State University.

Researchers work to understand blue-green algae and mitigate its threat

A team of researchers from Wichita State University, Kansas State University, University of Kansas, and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment have been working together for more than a year to understand the blue-green algae blooms in Marion Reservoir.

Associate Professor of History George Dehner interviewed on MSNBC

George Dehner, WSU’s specialist on epidemics, was the subject of an interview regarding vaccines, testing and history on national television recently.

Costa Rica is allowing U.S. travelers again — but only if they come from the right states

Neal Allen, associate professor of political science and department chair, is quoted by CNBC regarding the piecemeal lifting of travel restrictions by Costa Rica. 

How the decline of Black-owned insurance firms widened the wealth gap

“Marketplace” host Kai Ryssdal spoke to Robert Weems, Jr., Willard W. Garvey Distinguished Professor of Business History, about the history of Black-owned insurance agencies and the ramifications of their decline on Black wealth and communities.  

COVID-19 doesn't have to turn prison time into a death sentence

Breanna Boppre and her colleague, Meghan Novisky, contributed to The Hill.  A recent nationally representative survey estimates that 45 percent of the U.S. population has had a family member incarcerated. Thus, an estimated 113 million Americans may be coping with the stress and uncertainty of having a loved one housed in a high-risk environment for the spread of COVID-19. 

Criminal justice professor fights for prisoners' families

The odds of Breanna Boppre ending up in the correctional system were astronomically higher than the odds of her becoming Dr. Breanna Boppre, assistant professor of criminal justice at Wichita State University.

Why Are Undercover Police Officers Wearing Such Bad Disguises?

Michael Birzer, professor of criminal justice and former Sedgwick County sheriff's deputy, is quoted in GQ.

Wichita State geology students exchanges pickaxes for pixels

When the coronavirus pandemic made the field geology course in its traditional format unfeasible, William Parcell, associate professor and chair of the geology department at WSU, turned to a creative solution. This year, field camp will take place virtually, via the popular computer game Minecraft.

Budget cuts are coming for Wichita; Washington must help 

The staggering economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are just beginning to be understood, not just for individual families and businesses, but also for governments at all levels. Chase Billingham, associate professor of sociology, shares his opinions with the Wichita Eagle. 

Space Policy Edition: Our Moral Obligation to Explore Space

Are we morally obligated to pursue space exploration? What ethical considerations should we consider when creating space policy? James Schwartz, assistant professor of philosophy,  joins this Planetary Radio show to address these questions and talk about his new book, The Value of Science in Space Exploration.

Real time dashboard shows coronavirus in Kansas

Wichita State University's Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences faculty are actively involved in understanding the pandemic. This COVID-19 county level dashboard of the spread of coronavirus in Kansas is dynamic, created and frequently updated by Zelalem Demissie, assistant professor of geology.

Wichita State historian compares COVID-19 with past pandemics

“COVID-19 itself was not predicted, but something like COVID-19 has been predicted for 25 years. COVID-19 is not a surprise to people who have been doing this sort of modeling” George Dehner, associate professor of history, said. “You can't pick which one it will be, but the fact that some sort of animal disease leapt into the human population and spread globally would not come as a surprise to anybody who does that sort of research.”

Wichita State University chemist working to develop antiviral drugs in fight against COVID-19

Bill Groutas, WSU Foundation Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, has been working with a team on a coronavirus treatment the past three years.

Wichita State professor uses public scholarship to help readers understand issues in Latin America

Wichita State University political science professor Dinorah Azpuru is doing her part to help people’s understanding of political science with her work in the Washington Post “The Monkey Cage,” a blog dedicated to “making sense of the circus that is politics,” as the blog describes itself.

WSU, K-State team work to create treatment for coronavirus

Bill Groutas and his colleagues want to see if an antiviral drug they've tested in cats will be successful in treating the coronavirus in humans.

WSU professors help author national paper on changing grasslands

Since the first Homo sapiens emerged in Africa roughly 300,000 years ago, grasslands have sustained humanity and thousands of other species. But today, those grasslands are shifting beneath our feet. WSU professors Leland Russell and Greg Houseman are two of the authors of a new paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal – released by the Smithsonian Institution this week – about key changes to these grasslands. 

WSU's Alexandre Shvartsburg wins Presidential Early Career Award

The PECASE is the highest honor bestowed by the United States Government to outstanding scientists and engineers who are beginning their independent research careers and who show exceptional promise for leadership in science and technology.