The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Facility is located in McKinley Hall 115 and is managed by Dr. Dustin Nevonen. The NMR Facility houses two instruments: a 500 MHz Bruker AVANCE NEO and a 400 MHz Varian Inova. Before either instrument can be used, you must receive training from Dr. Nevonen (dustin.nevonen@wichita.edu).

NMR Facility Rules and Regulations

400 MHz Varian Inova

To book instrument time on the 400 MHz Varian Inova, utilize the Faces scheduling system. You can not reserve the instrument for more than one hour at a time during M-F 9am-5pm. For experiments requiring longer than one hour, start the data acquisition at 5pm or later.

Faces Scheduling System

500 MHz Bruker AVANCE NEO

The 500 MHz Bruker AVANCE NEO is equipped with an autosampler and is set up for walkup mode; therefore, reservations are not required for simple experiments. Run experiments taking longer than one hour in night mode. For advanced or lengthy experiments, contact Dr. Nevonen to reserve a timeslot in advance. Current reservations are posted on the calendar below.

NMR reservation schedule for April 2024

NMR reservation calendar for May 2024