Criminal Justice Graduate Program

Admission Requirements

 Apply online at


    • $60 Graduate School application fee
    • Official transcripts
    • Minimum 3.0 GPA
    • Letter of intent: A brief autobiographical statement describing particular interests, experiences, and goals related to academic and professional work
    • Two letters of recommendation from professional references (i.e., former instructors, supervisors)

Graduate Assistantship Opportunities:

The School of Criminal Justice awards approximately six graduate assistantships on a semester-to-semester basis. Students awarded graduate teaching assistantships assist faculty teaching, including coordinating instructional activities and grading assignments. The appointments are typically 20 hours per week. Assistantships provide a stipend and, for non-Kansas residents, a waiver of non-resident tuition rates. Students awarded a graduate assistantship may also qualify for a waiver of 75-100% of their tuition.

If interested in a graduate assistantship, please indicate your interest in the letter of intent. Please discuss why you would like the opportunity to become a graduate assistant and what makes you an ideal candidate.

For more information about applying for Graduate School or resources (e.g., financial aid, scholarships, awards), please visit:


Dr. Michael Birzer

Graduate Coordinator