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Sonia Kovalevsky Day

The Sonia Kovalevsky Day is an all day, all female, all math event for middle and high school students!
Continental breakfast and lunch provided, no registration fee, and a free t-shirt!
Event Address: 4110-4526 E 17th St N, Wichita, KS 67208
Building: John Bardo Center (By E 17th & Innovation Blvd)
Meet: Main lobby
Join us as we inspire those who identify as female in middle or high school to pursue a career in mathematics or another STEM field!
Sonia Kovalevsky Day is designed to empower the next generation of female mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and innovators.
The event includes three hands-on workshops on:

Additionally, there is a plenary talk given by Dr. Pamela Harris, and a panel discussion.

"Math has become my art:’ Podcaster, mathematics professor and advocate speaks at Wichita State"



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To register, please complete the online Registration form and email the Sonia Kovalevsky Day Consent Form to:  


Sonia Kovalevsky Day Consent Form

The Sonia Kovalevsky Day Consent Form must be completed prior to participation in the Sonia Kovalevsky Day event.  Failure to complete the consent form in its entirety may result in the person being ineligible to participate in the event.  


We especially want to encourage students from underrepresented groups to participate.

Participation is limited to 65 students.

Sonia Kovalevsky Photo

About Sonia Kovalevsky

Sonia Kovalevsky was a Russian mathematician who made noteworthy contributions to analysispartial differential equations and mechanics. She was a pioneer for women in mathematics around the world – the first woman to obtain a doctorate (in the modern sense) in mathematics, the first woman appointed to a full professorship in Northern Europe and one of the first women to work for a scientific journal as an editor.



Organizing Committee:

Dr. Catherine Searle (Chair)

Dr. Bhisham Sharma

Dr. Mai Dao

Our Sponsors

Wichita Public Schools

This event is held in cooperation with the Wichita Public Schools Office of Diversity, Equity, and Accountability.