Chunsheng Ma, Professor

Statistics; PhD, University of Sydney, 1997




Year 2005 Young Faculty Scholar Award, Wichita State University

PhD. Students

  • Alsultan, Rehab “K-Differenced Vector Random Fields” PhD thesis, May 2015


Although his research areas have been broad in statistics and probability, Dr. Ma's current research interests lie in the development and application of spatio-temporal statistics, which is a new and rapidly going branch of statistics and involves many challenging questions in theory, computation, simulation, and application.

Selected Publications

  • Ma, C., Multifractional vector Brownian motions, their decompositions, and generalizations. Stochastic Analysis and Applications, 33 (2015),
  • Ma, C., Isotropic covariance matrix functions on all spheres. Mathematical Geosciences, 47 (2015), 699-717.
  • Ma, C., Student's t vector random fields with power-law and log-law decaying direct and cross covariances. Stochastic Analysis and Applications, 31 (2013), 167-182.
  • Ma, C., Mittag-Leffler vector random fields with Mittag-Leffler direct and cross covariances. Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 65 (2013), 941-958.
  • Ma, C., Sationary and isotropic vector random fields on spheres. Mathematical Geosciences, 44 (2012), 765-778.
  • Ma, C., Vector random fields with second-order moments or second-order increments. Stodhastic Analysis and Applications, 29 (2011), 197-215.
  • Ma, C., Covariance matrices for second-order vector random fields in space and time. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 59 (2011), 2160-2168.
  • Ma, C., Covariance matrix functions of vector chi-square random fields in space and time. IEEE Transactions on communications, 59 (2011), 2554-2561.
  • Ma, C., A class of variogram matrices for vector random fields in space and/or time, Mathematical Geosciences, 43 (2011), 229-242.
  • Ma. C, The Schoenberg-Levy kernel and relationships among fractional Brownian motion, bifractional Brownian motion, and others. Theory Probability and It's Applications, 57 (2013), 619-632.