Dr. Kapildeb Ambal is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Wichita State University. He received a B.Sc. with Honors in Physics from the University of Calcutta, India, an M.Sc. in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India, and an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Utah. His doctoral research focused on Imaging and spectroscopy of individual paramagnetic electronic states on the atomic scale. Before joining Wichita State University, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Maryland and guest researcher at the National Institute of Standard Technology (NIST), where he worked on the probing of magnetization dynamics of nanomagnets. He is currently working on the investigation of spin-dependent electronic processes at the nanoscale in condensed matter systems to reveal the mesoscale physics that controls charge and spin motion.

Research Interest

My research interest focuses on the investigation of fundamental physics that control the spin-dependent charge transport and recombination, and spin dynamics in the absence of charge transport in condensed matter. The goal of these activities is for the detection and understanding of mesoscale physics of coherent spin motion for small spin ensembles, potentially at the level of single-spin. These efforts are needed for; 1) interface engineering for low-cost solar cells using sustainable materials, 2) measurement of magnetization dynamics for novel magnetic technologies and medical applications, 3) quantum sensing and metrology, and 4) single electron and nuclear spin readout for quantum information science.


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