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Research Opportunities

  • Every Political Science major completes a Senior Thesis in POLS 600.  Students are encouraged to formally present their research at the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum (URCAF) each Spring.  Department funds are available for students to present their research at an academic conference.
  • Student Research Assistantships are available from time to time with department faculty members.  These positions allow students to collaborate with faculty on their professional research projects and include a stipend.  On occasion, students may co-present the research with their faculty mentor.
4 Graduates

John Millett - John Young Mentor-Student Award

This award was established by Rev. Dr. John Young to honor his excellent mentor Dr. John Millett. The Mentor-Scholar award is given each year to recognize an original student paper and honor strong mentoring relationships between students and their professors.


Year Recipient(s)
Itzia Barraza-Córdova - With Dr. Doris Chang
2021 Alison Rice - With Dr. Brian Amos
2020 Dominik Lett - With Dr. Michael Hall
2019 Shelby Rowell - With Dr. Dinorah Azpuru
2018 Kaitlyn Fox - With Dr. Dinorah Azpuru
2017 D.J. Gering - With Dr. Dinorah Azpuru
2016 Erin Nisley - With Dr. Mel Kahn
2015 Tiffany Massey - With Dr. Mel kahn
2014 Zinna Kahn - With Dr. Dinorah Azpuru
2013 Amanda Babcock - With Dr. Dinorah Azpuru

Creighton Coleman and Sarah Eshghi - With Dr. Dinorah Azpuru