Challenge, Metacognition, and Perception Lab (ChaMP)

Director: Dr. Lisa Vangsness

The ChaMP lab studies the relationships between task difficulty, judgments, and behavior. At a basic level, we study how people make judgments about task difficulty and evaluate the accuracy of these judgments. At an applied level, we determine how these judgments of difficulty are used to inform peoples’ decisions about managing risks and engaging with tasks. Previous research projects have evaluated risk management in videogames (e.g., health packs, shields) and procrastination among students.

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Selected Publications

Vangsness, L. & Young, M. E. (2019). Central and peripheral cues to difficulty in a dynamic task. Human Factors, 61, 749-762.

Young, M. E., Vangsness, L., & McCoy, A. M. (2018). The temporal dynamics of waiting when reward is increasing. Behavioural Processes, 149.

Vangsness, L. & Young, M.E. (2017). The role of difficulty in dynamic risk mitigation decisions. The Journal of Dynamic Decision Making, 3, 4. doi:10.11588/jddm.2017.1.41543.


Dr. Lisa Vangsness
Office Location: Jabara Hall 434
Office Number: (316) 978-3317