Road to Wisdom

Department of Philosophy

Analytic Reasoning | Ethics | Pre-Law  | World Philosophy  | History and Philosophy of STEM

The study of philosophy is relevant to all aspects of life and living well. We engage students in investigating the full range of perspectives from questions concerning the nature of reality, conditions of knowledge, and nuances of critical reasoning to the foundations of morality, justifications for political authority, and criteria for aesthetic evaluation.





For our students, the Philosophy Department currently offers four stackable Concentrations that help students develop high demand skill sets:

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The Analytic Reasoning Concentraton provides students with a strong grounding in logic and critical reasoning as the basis for a deeper dive into traditional analytic philosophy.

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The Ethics Concentration includes both ethical theory courses and applied courses in ethics for engineering, health care, business, and data science.


The Pre-Law Concentration provides training in critical reasoning and argumentation, including specific courses in legal and political philosophy.


The World Philosophy Concentration focuses on the grounds of cultural competency and its implications for living well in a globally connected world.

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