BSW Application Information

Applications for the BSW program are distributed at BSW Orientation sessions, which are normally held around the third week of each semester. Students usually attend the orientation and submit application to the BSW program during the semester that they take SCWK 201 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare (usually the spring semester of the sophomore year). You can call the social work office at (316) 978-7250 to find out when the next orientation session will be, or check the social work website. Orientation attendance is a requirement for application to the BSW program. Application deadlines are July 1st and December 1st.

Pre-program requirements and procedures for admission into the BSW Program:

1) Sophomore rank or above (at least 45 credit hours, but most students will have completed 3 semesters of full-time study).

2) Completion of the following "basic skills" courses with a grade of "C-" or better:

  • English 100 (English Composition) or English 101 (College English I)
  • English 102 (College English II)
  • Communications 111 (Public Speaking)
  • Math 111 (College Algebra), 131 (Contemporary Mathematics), or 112 (Precalculum Mathematics)

Completion or in the process of completing the following Social Work pre-major courses:

  • Biology 106 & 107 (The Human Organism & Lab) or Human Biology equivalent
  • Psychology 111 (General Psychology)
  • Sociology 111 (Introduction to Sociology)
  • Social Work 201 (Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare) or equivalent course from another college

3) Overall GPA of 2.0 ("C") or above

4) Attendance at a BSW Orientation session

5) Submission of BSW application which includes

  • Completed BSW Application form
  • Personal narrative indicating interests / motivations / experiences to establish suitability for the social work profession (1-2 pages typed)
  • Two (2) reference forms
  • Copy of transcript (unofficial)
  • Model Release Form

Application Review and Admission Decisions

Applications are reviewed after the submission deadline. Admission decisions are made by the BSW Admissions Committee following review of the applications. The admissions criteria will allow decisions to be made on merit. However, the criteria are viewed as minimum standards. Since the population of majors and the enrollment size of advanced practice courses must be balanced with the program resources or available faculty, meeting the minimum does not always guarantee admission.

Admission to upper division social work practice and practicum classes numbered 400 and above is restricted to social work majors.

BSW Program Application Forms