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ADCI Programs & Majors

Lori Santos holding up a craft.
Our professional degree program integrates Kansas state licensure from pre-kindergarten to grade 12. We give students hands-on teaching experience as well as a specialization in one area of studio art.
Student Studying
ADCI’s fresh, cutting-edge art history program focuses on art since 1990, with emphasis on technology, emerging media, community engagement and global exhibitions.
Graphic Design Critique
From letterpress to app design, ADCI graphic design spans myriad media and technologies. Our grads are prepared for competitive, client-based work in an ever-changing visual and virtual environment.
ADCI student Mary Alexis Wirths works on Debeb, a large-scale illuminated sculpture, in the class Jump!Star Sculpture & Ritual

Studio arts majors benefit from access to studio space, multiple exhibition venues and new technology. We offer eight studio arts concentrations: applied drawing, ceramics media, community & social practice, electronic media, painting, photo media, print media, sculpture media.

Graduate Program in Studio Art

ADCI's Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art is a three-year, studio-focused program.

Laura Nave works with a large wheel-thrown vase in her Henrion Hall studio.

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