Active and Inactive Courses


The course offerings associated with General Education will reflect currently available courses.


Advisors and students need an accurate list of General Education courses currently offered to make a plan of study with some potential to be executed. Successful study at Wichita State University depends upon meeting the needs of advisors and students.

Procedure to Make a Course Inactive

  1. During June/July of each year, the General Education Coordinator (hereafter Coordinator) will request from the Registrar a three year enrollment history of all General Education Courses.
  2. The Coordinator will compose a list of courses with no enrollment history in the study period, and submit that list to the General Education Committee during September of each year.
  3. The General Education Committee will review the list, and authorize inactive status for all courses with no enrollment for the past three years. Such status will be ‘pending’ until academic units review their courses.
  4. The Coordinator will send memorandums of notice to each academic unit with such inactive courses. The academic units will be encouraged to confirm the accuracy of their enrollment information, and notify the Coordinator if a pending inactive course has in fact had enrollment. Units are also given the opportunity to schedule the course the next semester to keep the course on the active list. If there is no response within thirty (30) days of the notice, the course will be presumed inactive for General Education purposes.
  5. Once the inactive list is finalized and reviewed by the General Education Committee, it is forwarded to the VPAAR for modification of related documents. The annual report of inactive courses will be forwarded to the VPAAR no later than January 31 of each year.

Procedure to Reactivate a Course

  1. An academic unit wishing to reactivate a course previously accepted as part of the General Education program will submit a syllabus and a General Education Application Form (Form will have a box for Reactivation).
  2. The materials, submitted via VPAAR, will be reviewed for completeness by the Coordinator. The Coordinator will assist departments in meeting current General Education requirements.
  3. As soon as the materials are complete and reflect current General Education requirements, they will be distributed to the General Education Committee, and will receive action by the third meeting following their distribution.
  4. Course reactivation will be determined using the same standards for initial approval of a course. The main criteria are related to the course’s relationship to General Education goals, and presence of the four across-the-curriculum skill components required in General Education courses.