Members of the graduate faculty at Wichita State University, by virtue of their qualification, contribute to graduate education by teaching and advising graduate students. All regular graduate faculty members hold the terminal degree in their discipline. The Graduate Faculty consists of the university president, the provost and vice president for academic affairs and research, the deans of the Graduate School and academic colleges, and regular faculty members nominated and approved for graduate faculty status.

At Wichita State, regular faculty are not automatically members of the graduate faculty. Department faculty request membership on the graduate faculty by submitting a Recommendation for Appointment to the Graduate Faculty form. Applications are reviewed and acted on by the departmental committee, academic dean, and the graduate dean.

Graduate Faculty List *

* Faculty and students can use this list to determine which faculty members are eligible to serve on thesis/dissertation, and oral examination committees. Once you open the list above, you will be able to search by faculty name or by department to view who has appropriate status to serve on committees. Departments can also view the "End of Term" to determine when faculty are due to renew their membership, as well as determine which new or continuing faculty should be submitted for appointment to graduate faculty membership. Please contact the Graduate School if you have questions at 978-3095.