This Alumni Web page is provided to alums of the Wichita State University Public Health Sciences (PHS) Program. The goal is to encourage sustained connection and communication with our outstanding alumni community. We thank you for your continued support and feedback in helping our program succeed.

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Public Health Sciences would like to shine a spotlight on our successful graduates. Visit the alumni directory to read their stories.

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The Department of Public Health Sciences has fellowships and scholarships for their students enrolled in the program.

If you wish to donate to fellowship funds directly, please do so online at the Wichita State University Foundation website. Remember to specify the scholarship or fellowship fund you would like to support. We appreciate your generosity!

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Stay in Contact

Alums of the WSU PHS program are contacted regularly after graduation for information regarding their career field, location, salary, and other data characteristics. Therefore, alums are encouraged to keep a current address on file in the PHS program office.

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Employment Search

For information about PHS career opportunities and other employment resources please visit our Career Paths page.