Ignitor 2.0

Validate Your Idea

Ignitor 2.0 is a dynamic and immersive training designed to equip aspiring and active entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to embark on their startup ideas and ventures. This intensive training is designed to lay a solid foundation for participants as they take their first steps towards launch. It is built upon the principle that a strong foundation is crucial for the long-term success of any business. 

Who will benefit

Aspiring entrepreneurs working to identify a viable new business idea from which to develop their own company.

Active entrepreneurs seeking to validate and enhance their existing business idea and accelerate their company’s success.


By meeting the expectations listed below, participants can fully immerse themselves in the ignitor 2.0 training and maximize the value they derive from the experience.

  • Ignitor 2.0 will require work outside of the training hours that participants are expected to complete. Participants will be working on their business throughout the five weeks.
  • Ignitor 2.0 fosters a collaborative environment where participants can learn from each other’s experiences and build a supportive network. Participants are encouraged to engage with their peers, share knowledge, and establish connections that can continue beyond the program.
  • Participants are expected to attend all the scheduled sessions and actively participate. This attendance ensures continuity and maximizes the benefits gained from the training.
  • At the beginning of each training session, each participant will deliver their one-minute elevator pitch.

Next Session:

April 30 - May 28
Tuesdays | 5:30 - 8:00 pm
(With the exception of May 21)


Apply Today!

  • Three people seated near each other engaged in a conversation.
  • The trainer stands at the front of the group introducing the participants to the training.
  • A woman gestures as she makes adds to a group discussion.
  • A woman gestures at herself as she explains her product to the others in the training.
  • A man stands up at his seat as he presents his elevator pitch to the group.
  • A woman gestures as she gives feedback to the man who just presented his pitch.
  • A man stands gesturing as he delivers his pitch to the group.
Training Schedule
Week Topic/Description Homework

What Does the Startup Business Model Look Like?
This session will be an introduction to the business model and your value proposition.

Prepare one-minute elevator pitch. Complete business model canvas. 

Talking to People
Why talk to customers? How to get insight from customers. What to do before and after the customer interview. Building a pipeline of customer interviews

Update elevator pitch using feedback from week #1. Create interview questions and conduct two interviews

Customer Discovery Interviews
Fundamentals of customer discovery. Troubleshooting your customer discovery.

Update elevator pitch using feedback from week #1. Conduct 10 interviews and update business model canvas.
4 The Rest of the Business Model Canvas Prepare report out on customer interviews.