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From initial concepts to business growth, we're here to support you as you build profitable businesses.

The Center for Entrepreneurship strives to positively impact the university and grow Wichita’s economy by helping students, faculty and community entrepreneurs learn how to turn a business idea into a thriving company. We forge strategic partnerships within the business community to work in concert with existing businesses creating sustainability as we develop a variety of programs, events, and services designed to address the unique needs of our community. In these ways, we act as an essential educational and economic driver for Kansas.

Let's take your entrepreneurial journey to new heights together!

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My advice to anyone is to take advantage of your resources. We are fortunate at WSU to have access to people with great experience in the field and to have them be a phone call away. I would reach out to Nancy, Troy and others involved to offer advice and insights about your presentation, pitch, demo, or whatever it may be. This is not the first startup they are involved in, and it won't be the last.

-Grant Johnson, Founder of Fluency

Center for Entrepreneurship Programs:

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New cohorts starting soon!

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ignitor is where entreprenerus ignite ideas and build busineses.

ignitor 1.0

A program for innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to get started moving their idea forward by learning the start-up process and improving their idea.

Next Session:

September 5th - October 24th
Thursdays | 5:45 - 8:00 pm

ignitor 2.0

Training for for innovators and entrepreneurs who have completed ignitor 1.0 or have clearly defined how their idea solution solves a particular problem. This training will challenge you to develop and test startup strategies.

Next Session:

August 13 - September 10
(with the exception of September 3)
Tuesdays | 5:30 - 8:00 pm

The Kansas Family Business Forum delves into the keys to longevity and success for family-owned businesses.

The Kansas Family Business Forum (KFBF) provides a collaborative platform for family-owned businesses in Kansas to share experiences, strategies, and solutions. Through it's varied programming, Kansas Family Business Forum empowers owners, managers, and families with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Information for the new year of programming coming soon!

Growing Rural Businesses equips rural entrepreneurs with essential business skills and knowledge for business success.

The Growing Rural Businesses (GRB) program is an eight-week certificate program helping established rural business owners enhance their operations and competitiveness. Led by industry experts, Growing Rural Businesses provides rural entrepreneurs insights across various aspects of running a business so that they can make informed strategic decisions as they grow.

Information for the Fall 2024 session coming soon!

Center for Entrepreneurship Events:

The Shocker New Venture Competition is a platform where student entrepreneurs gain real-world startup experience.

Offers student entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their ideas, receive feedback from experts, and launch their business. The Shocker New Venture Competition includes three rounds, two of which are open to the public, and provides various ways to participate, from competing to volunteering and sponsoring.

Information for the Spring 2025 competition coming soon!

Idea Set Go unleashes student creativity as they tackle real-world challenges.

Invites students to solve real-world problems with their most creative ideas. Idea Set Go is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their problem-solving abilities and make a meaningful impact.

Information on the next competition coming soon!

Clash Build Cash hones essential business skills as students engage in a fun, competitive game.

A thrilling competition where students build and strategize in the multi-player game Venture Valley. Clash Build Cash is a fun and fast paced way to test and develop strategic decision-making and innovative thinking.

Information for the Fall 2024 competition coming soon!

Devlin HallDevlin Hall


The Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) was founded in 1977 by Wichita State University professor Fran Jabara, who decided it was time to change society's image of business people. With his own funds and university support, Jabara created the first program under the Center for Entrepreneurship, a workshop titled “Entrepreneurship: Your Future in Business.”

The Center expanded following the success of the initial workshop. In 1987, with a large donation from local entrepreneur and WSU alum Tom Devlin, a free-standing building was erected on campus to house the Center for Entrepreneurship, making WSU one of the first universities in the world to dedicate a building exclusively to entrepreneurship education. Not long after, academic programs in entrepreneurship were solidified.

The Center for Entrepreneurship serves emerging entrepreneurs from idea to commercialization of their venture. Student engagement programs, such as the Shocker New Venture Competition inspires campus innovation and develops entrepreneurial mindsets. In addition, the Center serves established entrepreneurs each year through community programs, such as Growing Rural Businesses and the Kansas Family Business Forum.

Through Wichita State University's W. Frank Barton School of Business, the Center offers an entrepreneurship major and an entrepreneurship minor for both business and non-business majors.

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