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Degree Map

College of Applied Studies

BAED in Education: Early Childhood Unified (TAP 1) (2023 - 2024)

1st year
Fall Semester Fall Hours Spring Semester Spring Hours Summer Semester Summer Hours
TAP 314 Principles of Effec. Ment.1 TAP 313 Read/Writ Except2 TAP 270 Intro to Teach2
TAP 326 Engaging & Motiv. Learn3 TAP 604 ECU Meth, Inf.,Tod. PreS3 TAP 320 Into/ Except.2
TAP 317 Literacy Strat. In Content2 TAP 401 Prof. Coll. In Sch/Comm3 TAP 345 Int. Learn/Art2
TAP 433 Learn. & Educ. Assess3 TAP 402 ISAM Early Literacy3
TAP 415 Diff. Instr./Div. Learn3 TAP 606 Internship II2
TAP 605 Internship I2
Fall Total Hours 14 Spring Total Hours 13 Summer Total Hours 6

Total hours for 1st year: 33

2nd year
Fall Semester Fall Hours Spring Semester Spring Hours Summer Semester Summer Hours
TAP 403 ISAM int. Liter.2 TAP 323 Technology Sem1 HPS 425 Health Move. 2
TAP 405 ISAM Soc. Studies3 TAP 324 Ling. For Elem. Teacher3 TAP 416 Classrm Mgmt 2
TAP 404 ISAM Elem. Math3 TAP 406 Inquiry Based Learning3 TAP 427 Phil/His/Eth. 3
TAP 504 Spec. Ed Law3 TAP 502 Math for Exceptionalities3
607 Internship III2 TAP 608 Internship IV2
CAS 501 Licensure Capstone0
Fall Total Hours 13 Spring Total Hours 12 Summer Total Hours 7

Total hours for 2nd year: 32

Hours needed to complete the degree: 65

  • ALL TAP courses require B- or better except for TAP 345 and HPS 425.
  • This degree map is based upon general education coursework and electives already completed.
  • 120 hours required for BA in Education.

Systemwide General Education (SGE) Key

  • 010 English
  • 020 Communications
  • 030 Math/Statistics
  • 040 Natural and Physical Science
  • 050 Social and Behavioral Science
  • 060 Arts and Humanities
  • 070 Institutionally Designated/Diversity