A minor in German from Wichita State will help you achieve an improved level of skill in reading, speaking and understanding. The minor is a valuable asset for a wide range of careers—from international business and law to foreign service, translating, tourism and teaching.

Learn how German is the right fit for you.

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Applied learning at Wichita State

At Wichita State, applied learning is everything. In fact, every degree we offer has a guaranteed applied learning or research experience built right into it equipping you with the relevant skills and experience to make you workforce ready before graduation.

Admission to the program

To take courses in the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you must first be admitted to Wichita State.

For WSU's admission requirements, and to apply, click the link below.


The minor in German consists of a minimum of 11 credit hours beyond GERM 210.


A degree in German from Wichita State will give you the knowledge and skills to pursue more advanced language study—and opens doors to careers at home and abroad.

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