A minor in marketing from Wichita State's AACSB-accredited Barton School of Business will help you build a background in marketing principles and practices that you can add to your skill set and use in a wide range of career settings such as business, communications, public relations and others.

Learn how marketing is the right fit for you.

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Applied learning at Wichita State

At Wichita State, applied learning is everything. In fact, every degree we offer has a guaranteed applied learning or research experience built right into it equipping you with the relevant skills and experience to make you workforce ready before graduation.

Admission to the program

To take courses in the Barton School of Business, you must first be admitted to Wichita State.

For WSU’s admission requirements, and to apply, click the link below.

Inside the Program

Nashville internship brings student closer to dream job

Out of more than 20,000 people, business marketing major Ali Walton was chosen to intern at an entertainment venue in Nashville.

As a musician who plays seven instruments, Ali's dream is to work for a record label. The internship in the heart of the music industry brought her one step closer to reaching her goal.


The 15-credit-hour minor is available to business majors and non-business majors. To complete it, you’ll take nine hours covering the basics of marketing, consumer behavior and marketing programs. You’ll also take an additional six hours of upper-division marketing courses based on your interests and career goals.


A marketing degree from Wichita State will give you the skills that open doors to careers in advertising, public relations, business, management and more.

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