The Master of Science (MS) in mathematics from Wichita State offers you the flexibility to tailor your degree to fit your future goals. You'll be able to choose from a broad range of courses in pure and applied mathematics—and statistics. The degree is good preparation for Ph.D.-level study and can open doors to a variety of high-paying, high-demand careers in government and the private sector.

Learn how Mathematics is the right fit for you.

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Applied learning at Wichita State

At Wichita State, applied learning is everything. In fact, every degree we offer has a guaranteed applied learning or research experience built right into it equipping you with the relevant skills and experience to make you workforce ready before graduation.

Admission to the program

To be admitted into the program, applicants must:

  • Be admitted into the WSU Grad School
  • Have an undergraduate degree in mathematics
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA in previous mathematics courses

For additional admission details, click on the link below.


To complete the MS degree, students must earn 33 credit hours of graduate credit, with a minimum of 24 credit hours in courses in mathematics or statistics offered by the department (exclusive of thesis) numbered 700 or above.

The program offers thesis and non-thesis options. Most full-time students enjoy financial support as Graduate Teaching Assistants and complete the program in two years.

A comprehensive oral examination is required for all degree candidates.


Whether you want to pursue graduate study or enter the workforce, a mathematics degree from Wichita State will put you on track to success, leading to careers in a variety of fields, such as:

•    Government: mathematicians and statisticians
•    Healthcare: biostatisticians
•    Research and development
•    Insurance company actuaries
•    Education

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