MajorSculpture (Studio Art)

Pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in studio art at Wichita State prepares students to be exceptional artists as well as versatile, creative professionals. Our degrees offer a unique intersection of Applied Drawing, Ceramics, Photo, Print, Sculpture and Electronic Media, and Community and Social Practice. Large studio spaces, ADCI galleries and new technology are at your fingertips.

Learn how sculpture is the right fit for you.

Sculpture on display at a show.
On and off campus, sculpture students have access to galleries of all sizes where they can showcase their creations.

Applied learning at Wichita State

At Wichita State, applied learning is everything. In fact, every degree we offer has a guaranteed applied learning or research experience built right into it equipping you with the relevant skills and experience to make you workforce ready before graduation.

Admission to the program

To be admitted into the School of Art, Design and Creative Industries, you must first be admitted to Wichita State.

For WSU's admission requirements, and to apply, click the link below.

Inside the Program

Returning art student uses ceramics to craft her future

Students focusing on sculpture can channel their passion for art into building with many different mediums.

Growing up, Mary Kathy Robb's father worked in the business field while her mother was interested in the arts. Both pushed her to follow in their line of work, so she decided to study both. But ceramics became her passion.

Robb started college in 1979 but left before receiving her degree. Many years later, she's at WSU pursuing what she loves.


The sculpture concentration offers a varied and rich learning experience in a broadly defined interpretation of three-dimensional media. You'll gain experience in modeling, fabricating, carving, casting, nontraditional and contemporary techniques. Advanced students are expected to pursue disciplined study in theory, art history and materials through original work, studio critique, class readings and discussion.


A degree in art from Wichita State will nurture your creativity and give you the knowledge, skills and connections for success in the workforce—and in graduate studies.

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