Alex with his buddies, Mika and Gabriel

What was the best experience you had while being a buddy?

During Thanksgiving Break, I took two exchange students along with a friend back home to Texas. We went to the Capitol in Austin, spent Thanksgiving with my family, went to the Texas Renaissance Festival, and then we picked up another exchange student for Johnson Space Center and then the drive home on Sunday. It was a lot of fun to take them around my hometown and show them all the things that are unique to my neck of the woods. All the while, I got to connect with them and learn about the things that are unique to their countries and lives.


Major: Aerospace Engineering
Minors: Math & History

Why did you sign up to be a buddy?

I hail from the suburbs to the northwest of Houston, Texas. Coming to college and knowing no one was a difficult experience; not only did I have to contend with a whole new city, but I also had to attempt to make friends and study groups by myself during the Covid times. In joining with the buddy program, I hoped that I could help ease the transition period for exchange students and help them have the best possible experience while abroad.

Alex with his buddies, Mika and Gabriel

How did you benefit from the program?

The International Buddy program was a chance for me to personally connect with people all over the world. Whether it was going to dinner or bringing some home for Thanksgiving, I truly felt like I was able to grow as an individual, learn about other cultures and people, make new friends, and I feel satisfied that I made their time here in the U.S. unique and full of activity.