Benjamin and wife at Iguazu Falls

"I wanted to get a language immersion, but being a non-traditional student I am just not able to travel abroad for a whole semester. I was informed of the Paraguay seminar and realized how perfect that would be for language immersion since I had been taking Spanish classes. This allowed me to take vacation from work and still be able to experience a foreign country in a way I would not have been able to otherwise."


Major: Mechanical Engineering
Host: Comité Paraguay Kansas
Location: Paraguay
Program Type: 2-week Travel Seminar

What did you enjoy most about the Paraguay Travel Seminar?

Staying with the locals. The Paraguayans are so welcoming and friendly, they make you feel like family. Anybody can travel to another country but few can experience it and get an in-depth point of view from those that live there as we did.

Benjamin with seminar group

Would you recommend a study abroad program to other students, even if it's only 2 weeks?

It's one thing to see another country on TV, and totally another to experience it first-hand. The amount of knowledge you gain and appreciation for what others go through is totally worth it. It's amazing how much 2 weeks can change your life.