Davey and team

Davey with university sign


Major: Psychology
Host: University of Chester
Location: Chester, England
Program Type: Semester Exchange

What did you enjoy most about your study abroad experience?

The thing I enjoyed most about my study abroad experience was getting to meet so many amazing people while I was at Chester. When I got over there, I didn't know anybody, but by the time the semester was over I'd made a lot of friends that felt more like family.

Davey with group

Why should other students consider study abroad programs?

Other students should consider study abroad programs because it's a great opportunity to experience different cultures in a way that you can't simply by visiting a place. In addition, you'll come to appreciate how unique your home culture is after being away from it for a while. Most importantly though, studying abroad allows you to meet incredible people from all over the world and will be one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do.