John Perry


John Perry

Position: Professor, Business
Location: Malaga, Spain
Year: 1987

Do you feel that learning a second language is beneficial? Has having the knowledge of a second language helped you in life?

As a result of my study abroad experience, my Spanish speaking and comprehension abilities improved, and I chose to major in Spanish. After graduating, I began working as an information systems consultant. Because of my Spanish language abilites, my company assigned me to work on projects in Latin America.

What is one memory or skill you took from your study abroad experience?

Being immersed in another culture is a great way to learn. Even though I studied Spanish before studying abroad, my Spanish speaking and comprehension were limited. My Spanish improved more in a few months in Spain than it had in six year of studying in school.

How will studying abroad benefit a student in their future career or life, and why?

"Studying abroad could lead to career opportunties you would not have had if you did not study abroad, or it could simply serve as a cherished memory of an exciting time in your history. Either way, studying abroad is a rewarding experience."