Josh and river view

"I have learned so much from my experience and that, of course, has just heightened my curiosity. I am much more open-minded about a lot of things. The biggest things I learned were about myself. I found both my strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to my advantage when I was in a completely unfamiliar territory."


Major: Aerospace Engineering
Program: Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Why did you choose the program in Hamburg?

I chose the program in Hamburg mostly because it offered a good aeronautical engineering program tied with industry to compliment my aerospace degree here. I was also already learning German and thought the best way to learn the language would be to just go there.

Josh with friends at airplane

How did the study abroad experience lead to an internship at Airbus?

Many of the classes at HAW Hamburg were centered around Airbus. Most professors taught directly from job experiences at Airbus. I even had one team design class related to Airbus Hamburg in which we also presented at Airbus twice. The design experience and international team experience also really helped give me an edge not many others can say they have.