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Major: International Business and HRM
Host: ESC Pau Business School
Location: Pau, France
Program Type: Semester Exchange

Why did you decide to study abroad in France?

I am currently working towards my minor in French, so I knew it would be best to go to one of the French programs so I could practice and improve my skills while also learning and working towards my International Business major. I chose ESC Pau over the program offered in Paris because I knew being in a smaller city would ensure I would try harder with my French.

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Why should other students consider study abroad programs?

I think everyone should study abroad if they can. One of the main things that studying abroad offers a person is another perspective to how life is lived because you are meeting people in the country you're in but also, other people from around the world that are in your program. Yes, school and learning is important, but years later people will mainly remember not only the experiences and trips that they went on, but the people they meet.