Your home for campus-wide ADA compliance information, resources, and training for students, visitors, faculty, and staff.

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Accessibility is Everyone's Responsibility

All university faculty and staff are responsible for ensuring the accessibility of the services and resources they provide.

The WSU policy handbook has been updated to include policies that address accessibility. You can find those policies here:

WSU Accessibility Policies


Accessibility vs. Accommodation

We need to make a clear distinction between accessibility and accommodation.

  • Accessibility is Proactive. It is how we respond to the needs of populations, not individuals. It is rooted in our efforts to comply with Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and its later amendments.
  • Accommodation is Reactive. It is how we respond to the needs of individuals, not populations. It is rooted in our efforts to comply with Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and its later amendments.

KSARN Resources

The WSU Media Resources Center and a network of partners at other KBOR institutions, provides the KansaS Accessibility Resources Network (KSARN), which has short training programs on accessibility in a variety of formats and situations. Introduction to Web Accessibility Remediating Documents for Accessibility


Grievance Procedure

As of 9/28/2023 Wichita State University's Grievance Procedure under the Americans with Disabilities Act has been updated.

WSU's Grievance Procedure under the Americans with Disabilities Act

Report an Accessibility Problem

We would love to hear your suggestions about accessibility throughout campus to ensure we capture public input in the ADA Transition Plan that is underway! WSU ADA Survey
(for an alternate format of the survey email crissy.magee or call 316-978-3205).

Have you discovered a problem with accessibility on campus? Use this form to report the issue and we will make sure the information is passed on to the team that needs to address it. 

Please describe the issue.




Accessibility Team

The following people have important roles or can provide support for accessibility concerns. 

Crissy Magee, MSOD, ADAC

ADA/504 Coordinator with Office of Civil Rights, Title IX & ADA Compliance

(316) 978-3205

Investigates claims of discrimination and accessibility complaints; coordinates all ADA efforts campus-wide.

John P. Jones

Executive Director of the Media Resources Center


Provides guidance for a wide variety of media-related issues including web accessibility.

Isabel Medina Keiser

Director of Office of Student Accommodations & Testing

(316) 978-6970

Oversees ADA accommodations for students.

Carolyn I. Speer PhD, CPTM, CPACC

Director of the Office of Instructional Resources

(316) 978-7555

Provides guidance and training for instructional staff and for other issues, as do many members of her team.

Heather Merchant

OIR team, Senior Educational Accessibility Specialist

(316) 978-7779

Provides course, software, and tool accessibility reviews and audits.

Ali Levine

ITS Applications Training lead

(316) 978-3901

Provides software training that includes accessibility.

Jeremy Webster

MRC Web Services, Website Manager

(316) 619-3857

Provides Word and PDF remediation and accessibility training.

ADA Oversight Committee and ICT Team Members Webpage

Training is also provided by Human Resources and The Office of Diversity and Inclusion through MyTraining.

The Faculty Senate is establishing a permanent Accessibility Committee. An Ad Hoc committee has been meeting, and is the source of the Faculty Senate Statement on Accessibility.  

Accessibility Resources

Reference materials to assist you in creating and utilizing accessible content. 

Webpage and Document Accessibility

References, Trainings, and Tutorials to help with improving the accessibility of your webpages, Word documents, PDFs, and beyond. 

Other Resources

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Where we've been, where we're at, and where we're headed...learn about the ongoing evolution of accessibility across WSU's entire campus and beyond, structure by structure. 

A lactation room in John Bardo Center room 238.

Wichita State University does not discriminate in its employment practices, educational programs or activities on the basis of pregnancy, pregnancy-related conditions, or new parenthood. Any student who believes they have a need for a pregnancy-related accommodation and/or service should contact the Office of Student Accommodations and Testing ("OSAT").

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Wichita State University now provides Aira Access at all WSU locations, including WSU Tech locations. Aira combines the power of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to provide the 300 million blind and low vision people around the globe immediate access to information and assistance.

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In order to better serve our visually impaired audience, we offer our digital signage content as an audio only podcast. Subscribe to stay up to date on everything WSU. Available on iTunes and Google Play. 

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References and documents providing historical information on WSU's decision-making and progress toward ever-higher accessibility standards.