The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Agreement

Captions and Caption Accuracy Standards

WSU Resources

  • Accessibility training outcomes and objectives for Wichita State. These outcomes and objectives are linked to WSU’s agreement with the National Federation of the Blind. This list should be very useful to schools attempting to create a complete accessibility training program for instructional staff.
  • Guidelines for Face-to-Face Instruction. While guidelines for digital accessibility are pretty clear, there is much less regulation surrounding face-to-face instruction. Wichita State addresses these guidelines at two levels: “recommendations” and “expectations.” Recommendations describe a very high level of accessibility whereas expectations help to get people started creating an accessible face-to-face classroom.
  • Technology Audit Rubric (multi-page google form). WSU conducted an audit of all EIT (Electronic and Information Technology) on campus as an element of the university’s response to the agreement. This is a link to the audit questions/criteria that were used, which were based on a mix of WCAG and ADA standards

Training Opportunities

Presentations, Powerpoints, and Documents