Quang Nguyen

Do you feel learning a second language is beneficial? Has having the knowledge of a second language helped you in life?

As a bilingual person (English and Vietnamese), it was great having the experience of learning other languages and be able to use them in real life. Having learned Korean in South Korea allowed me to embrace the culture more and immerse myself when I was there.

Quang Nguyen

Position: Assistant Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Year: Summer 2014

What advice would you give to someone who is debating studying abroad?

I was initially hesitant on studying abroad at first because I have always been close to my family. However, you have to set your mind to leaning into discomfort and just do it. Most likely, you would be paying the same tuition rate and get a head start on living on your own if you have not yet done that already.

Quang in Seoul