WSU Student Service Program Review

The Office of Assessment and Accreditation deploys several tools to assess the co-curricular learning of university students. Efforts are scheduled annually and focus on student engagement and several identified student learning outcomes, identified and adopted by the Council for Advancement of Standards in Higher Education. The specific learning outcomes are:

  • Knowledge acquisition, construction, integration and application
  • Cognitive complexity
  • Intrapersonal development
  • Interpersonal competence
  • Humanitarianism and civic engagement
  • Practical competence

The following assessments support inquiry and decision making related to the co-curricular student experience. 

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The NSSE is Administered at Wichita State University biennially. Results are shared with the University Assessment Committee and campus stakeholders in an effort to inform decisions related to the student experience. 

NSSE Reports from 2019-2013 (found below):

Council for Advancement of Standards for Higher Education

CAS Standards respond to student needs, the requirements for sound pedagogy, and the effective management of 48 functional areas and three cross-functional areas. Wichita State adopted the CAS standards to assess student outcomes, evaluate program efforts, and support action planning. 

  • A rotation allows offices to participate in a quadrennial self-study with reporting shared with the leadership of the participating office as well as the University Assessment Committee. 
  • The participating offices with the adopted rotation can be found here.
  • CAS self-study reports are filed according to the service category.  They can be found below:

STUDENT AFFAIRS - Student Service Centers

Housing & Residential Life, August 2020

TRIO & GEAR UP - Student Service Centers

Coming Fall 2021

Division of Student Affairs Assessment & Retention