University Assessment System


graphic of the univ assess system


General Education Student Learning Outcoms's Council for the Advancement of Standards Student Learning Outcome's KBOR SG/Performance Agreement /Program Student Learning Outcome's
  • Have acquired knowledge in the arts, humanities, and natural and social sciences
  • Think critically and independently
  • Write and speak effectively
  • Employ analytical reasoning and problem solving techniques
  • Knowledge acquisition, construction, integration and application
  • Cognitive complexity
  • Intrapersonal development
  • Interpersonal competence
  • Humanitarianism and civic engagement
  • Practical competence
  • Prepared for career in chosen field
  • Prepared for lifelong learning
  • Global-minded and forward thinking
  • Collaborative and service-oriented
Student Learning (Areas Assessed)
  • Curricular
  • Co-curricular
  • Applied/Experiential
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Advising
  • Library Instruction
University Assessments (SLO Sources)
  • CLA (Gen Ed)
  • ENG 101 (Gen Ed)
  • COMM 101 (Gen Ed)
  • FYS Writing Assessment
  • NSSE (Co-curricular)
  • CAS (Co-curricular)
  • WSU Exit Survey
  • Program Review
  • Advising Survey
  • Exit Survey
Data Collection (Data Source Documents)
  • OPA Reports (KBOR)
  • CLA Reports
  • ENG Assessments
  • COMM Assessments
  • FYS Assessments
  • CAS Reports
  • Program review SLO results (Departmental Outcomes)
  • Student Service SLO reports
Data Review & Outcome Evaluation (University Evaluation Groups)
  • University Assessment Committee is responsible for monitoring assessment of the undergraduate curriculum and co-curriculum.
  • GED Ed Committee is to supervise the operation of the undergraduate core curriculum, to assess its effectiveness, and to provide a mechanism for change to the core.
  • Program Review Committee reviews SLO's from individual programs/departments
Feedback Loop (Results sharing and Adaptations)
  • Annual Reports (Gen Ed, PR and Student Affairs) w/ recommendations to Office of Assessment.
  • NSSE Lunch & Learn
  • CAS Reports to Deans