Hank Green's Tips for Better Video

Hank and John Green have been producing YouTube videos as the Vlogbrothers since 2007. Because most of us are relatively new to the world of routine video chats and meetings, Hank shares tips for doing these well.

Hank Green's Video Tips 

Top 5 Tips

  1. Lighting matters more than your camera. You will probably need extra light.
  2. Audio also matters more than video so talk fairly loud.
  3. Arrange your screen so you are facing toward your camera.
  4. Divide your screen into thirds and put your eyes on the line for the top third.
  5. Background matters. A little too busy is better than no background at all.

Hank's top five tips relate to appearance and delivery. Incorporating these five tips can enhance even the most routine video chats and meetings.

I've noticed that bookshelves are a popular background, and if a laptop or Chromebook camera is used, elevating the device on something like a stack of books can provide a better angle for facing the camera.

I previously paid little attention to camera placement, lighting and background when skyping with family, but in a business setting these details can enhance your delivery when done well. 

It's totally fine to feel weirded out by this and to be nervous and not great at it. This is not what you were hired to do!

Keep at it ... practice ... if you keep doing it, it does get less weird.

Hank Green

Whether it’s a video interview on a national or local news broadcast, or a late night talk show host’s livestream, the ones that look best have incorporated the elements included in Hank's tips.

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