About the Council

The President's Diversity Council is an advisory and leadership team responsible for developing, overseeing and monitoring University-wide efforts to achieve Wichita State University's commitment to diversity as a core institutional and educational value. Its mission is to promote collaboration and communication by bringing together representatives from constituency groups to actualize diversity goals and objectives at Wichita State University.


This Council is comprised of individuals from Wichita State University and the greater community who are involved in efforts to promote and cultivate a diverse campus climate. Under the direction of the vice president for Diversity and Community Engagement, the Council advises the President and the President's Executive Team regarding diversity issues to strengthen the university community, address deficiencies and recommend solutions.

As such, the primary responsibilities of the President's Diversity Council are:

  1. To facilitate the coordination of campus diversity efforts and to encourage collaboration between constituents working on diversity issues.
  2. To serve as a consultative body for the President and the President's Executive Team on diversity issues.
  3. Identify challenges and provide solutions for diversity-related issues.


  • The Council shall advise the vice president of Diversity and Community Engagement and the President regarding the development and implementation of policies and programs designed to enhance the campus diversity, inclusion and engagement for all members of the University.
  • The Council shall communicate diversity benchmarks and work in partnership with other University departments and organizations to foster effective diversity management practices that focuses on the retention of faculty, staff and students.
  • The Council shall address diversity challenges, topics and opportunities that may be relevant to specific populations, including student and community organizations.
  • The Council shall coordinate a showcase to highlight the successes and achievements from individuals, departments and organizations in the campus community that were made possible through diversity.
  • The Council shall maximize diversity education and develop diversity competencies across the University.
  • The Council shall create and submit to the President an annual diversity report outlining various recommendations to improve the campus climate.
  • The Council shall serve as a diversity resource for respective divisional areas and colleges throughout the University.