Application to become an
Agent for Wichita State University

Please complete the form below if you would like to become an agent for Wichita State University.  We will notify you in about 1 week if you have been approved as one of our official agents. 


2) Postal Mailing Address:
3) Is this your Main Office or a Branch Location?
If you have branch offices, please complete this form for each branch office that might be sending applications to us. You may list different contact information for each location.
(country code + city code + local number)
12) How many students at each level did your company send to the U.S. last year?
13) How many applications at each level do you anticipate sending to Wichita State University next year?
15) Are you currently an agent for Wichita State University(or ever been an agent for us in the past)?
16) our agency's industry membership or recognition:

18) Wichita State 's agencies will be able to use a business account to log in and complete applications for their students.  Please note that this is for undergraduate or Intensive English applicants only.  The Graduate School uses a different software system for graduate applications. We will then send you an email with the login information that you will need to finish setting up your account.

(Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr, etc)
IMPORTANT:  We need to set up an online account for your agency so that you can submit undergraduate or Intensive English applications to Wichita State University.  What email address does your agency want to use for your online account?
20) Please provide two references of U.S. institutions your agency is working with:

Reference #1
Reference #2
21) Have you carefully read our Guidelines for Agents to get information about how much you will be paid for your services, our expectations for agents, and our Code of Conduct?
Have you read our Guidelines for Agents?
22) In order to become one of our agents, you must agree to the following:

"I have read the Wichita State University Guidelines for Agents and I understand and agree that the Guidelines for Agents are specifically made part of this Application. I agree to abide by the Agent Code of Conduct and understand that Wichita State University may terminate its relationship with any agent or agency that the University determines, in its sole and complete discretion, has violated the code of conduct. I have also read and understand the conditions under which I or my agency would be paid for its services."
Do you agree above the statements?
If any


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