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The Office of International Education has purchased a U.S. federal income tax filing program, GLACIER Tax Prep (GTP), to assist all international students and scholars in preparing Nonresident U.S. tax returns. It is a web-based U.S. federal income tax filing system specifically designed for international students and scholars. GTP is available free of charge to all Wichita State international students and scholars. It provides step-by-step instructions and assistance with the preparation of the appropriate tax forms. GTP will be available in early / mid-February for 2020 tax filing.

New to WSU GTP Users

  • Login to myWSU and find your GTP access information on myFinances tab.
  • A GTP Tutorial Video is available on GTP welcome page (a link at the bottom of the page). The whole video is about 25 minutes and includes five topics. Each topic can be viewed individually.
  • If you did not file your federal tax in past years, GTP offers an access code for Prior Year Federal Tax Return preparation at a cost. It is available on the GTP welcome page for purchase.
  • After you finish the federal tax return with GTP, if you are also required to file a state tax return, you may choose to continue to Sprintax by logging out of GTP, create a separate Sprintax registration, and pay a separate fee directly to Sprintax.

Using GTP

  • Please have the following documents and information available before you start using GTP:
    - Passport
    - Form I-20 (F visa) or DS2019 (J visa)
    - U.S. Entry and Exit Dates for current and past visits to the U.S.
    - Forms W-2, 1042-S and/or 1099 (if received)
  • Before you start preparing your 2020 tax returns, please be sure you have received all your yearend tax statements including W-2 and 1042-S, if you were employed in 2020. The State of Kansas will send Form 1042-S around March 1. If you file your tax return without all the appropriate tax statements you will need to file a corrected form and you could be liable for penalties.
  • GTP helps determine whether you are a resident alien or nonresident alien for tax purposes.
  • After you completed all information in GTP, it generates the correct U.S. federal income tax forms – either Form 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ, Form 8843, and other forms as applicable. If you did not earn any income in the U.S. in 2020, GTP will generate Form 8843 for you.
  • If you have questions or need assistance with GTP, click on HELP on the top right corner of any GTP pages.
  • The FAQ webpage in GTP provides a lot of useful information related to Nonresident Alien tax. Please take advantage of this informative resource.

The deadline for filing tax return is April 15, 2021.

Please note that GTP applies to U.S. federal income tax only. Kansas State tax must be filed separately. You may use Sprintax to prepare your state tax upon completion of your federal tax in GTP.  For information on filing Kansas State Income Tax, please visit the KS WebFile website.

A Word of Caution: There were reports in past income tax filing seasons of some F-1 students filing incorrect tax returns in order to receive tax credits or increase the amount of their tax refunds beyond what is lawful. The Office of International Education would like to caution against such practices. Any benefits from this may be severely offset by future interaction with USCIS or other U.S. government agencies, where such incorrect filing may surface and be seen as a violation with serious penalties.

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