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Wichita State University is pleased to announce a significant decrease in tuition cost for our Intensive English Lanaguage Program, effective Fall 2024.

Intensive English Estimated Cost (2024-2025)

NEW Total Cost USD $7,400 USD $11,600 USD $22,800
Items/Services One Session
8 weeks 
March, June, October
One Semester
16 weeks
Fall or Spring
Two Semesters
9 months
Fall and Spring
Tuition & Fees USD $2,200 USD $3,400  USD $6,500
Previous Tuition & Fees $5,000 $9,400 $18,500
Housing & Meals $3,500 $6,300 $12,600
Books $400  $600 $1,200
Insurance $1,300 $1,300  $2,500

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The estimated cost provided above is made in good faith as a projection of anticipated expenses for the given academic year at the time of its publishing. Definitive tuition cost is annouced yearly in July for the upcoming academic year following tuition rate approval by the Kansas Board of Regents. It is possible for actual cost to differ from the published projection.

The above estimate includes cost of tuition, fees, accommodations, meals, books, and required medical insurance. The estimate is based upon full-time enrollment of 12 credit hours per semester or 7 hours per session. These amounts are averages and may vary from student to student. Actual expenditures depend on: 1) the student's major if studying half-time academic and number of credit hours enrolled, 2) the residence hall or apartment in which the student lives, 3) whether or not the student has a roommate, and 4) the student’s meal plan. International students are required to have medical insurance. Students who do not have medical insurance when they arrive may purchase it during enrollment. If a student does not study during the summer but remain in Wichita, they should budget additional money for living expenses and medical insurance (approximately $3,100). Students should bring extra money for personal expenses (such as movies, museums, shopping, etc).

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International Student Fee
All new students (and returning students who have not enrolled at WSU in the last 12 months) will be required to pay a one-time International Student Fee of $200. This fee covers the cost of activities and other services that benefit currently enrolled international students. The fee is not refundable after the 100% deadline. 

Orientation Fee
New Intensive English students will be required to pay a $25 Orientation Fee. Intensive English students who transition to an undergraduate academic program will also pay a one-time $150 orientation fee for new undergraduate student orientation.

Students must pay for a green permit in order to park on campus, including students living in an on-campus residence hall. If you live in The Flats, you may opt to pay an extra $100 fee per semester to utilitze the underground lot. Parking Details