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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above amounts include tuition, fees, accommodations, meals, books, and medical insurance. These amounts are averages and may vary from student to student. Actual housing expenditures depend on: 1) the residence hall or apartment in which the student lives, 2) whether or not the student has a roommate,and 3) the student’s meal plan. Students should bring extra money for personal expenses. International students are required to have medical insurance. Students who do not have medical insurance when they arrive may purchase it during enrollment. Students should bring extra money for personal expenses (such as movies, museums, shopping, etc). View details of tuition and fees.

International Student Fee
All new students (and returning students who have not enrolled at WSU in the last 12 months) will be required to pay a one-time International Student Fee of $200. This fee covers the cost of activities and other services that benefit currently enrolled international students. The fee is not refundable after the 100% deadline. New undergraduate and graduate academic students will be required to pay a one-time $50 Orientation Fee to cover the cost of supplies, food, etc. provided at new student Orientation. New Intensive English students will be required to pay $25 Orientation Fee and another $25 when they transition to an undergraduate and graduate academic program.

If you live in Fairmount Towers, one parking permit is included in the cost of your housing. If you live in Shocker Hall, you must pay for an orange permit in order to park on campus. Parking Details