International Travel Guidelines

To ensure compliance with federal and state export control regulations and adherence to enhanced cybersecurity measures at Wichita State, an International Travel Authorization Form must be completed by all international travelers on official university business. 

An International Travel Authorization Form must be completed:
1)  By all international travelers at least 30 days prior to their scheduled departure date.

2)  For any international travel (business OR pleasure) which meets one or more of the following conditions:

  • Travel being paid with WSU funds (GU, RU, Grant, Foundation, etc).
  • Travel in which any WSU-owned hardware, software, electronic equipment, cell phones, materials, or data will be used.
  • Travel in which you plan to connect to any WSU-owned or operated folders, files, servers, or networks.
  • Travel that is sponsored in any way by a foreign government, foreign academic institution, or foreign entity.
  • Travel in which you will be collaborating or receiving compensation from a foreign government, foreign academic institution, or foreign entity.
  • Travel in which you will be receiving fringe benefits (honoraria, gifts, meals, etc) from any entity -- foreign or domestic.
  • Travel for Study Abroad including faculty-led trips involving students.

Travelers should NOT book tickets or make any travel arrangements until their travel request has been reviewed and approved.  International travel requests are normally reviewed in 3 to 4 business days but may take longer in some cases.  NOTE: Travel to Crimea-Region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria may require special approval.  An export license, if required, may take several months to obtain.  For this reason, plan accordingly.

The International Travel Authorization Form is optional, but highly recommended, for all other international travel by faculty, staff, or students that does not meet any of the above requirements.  By completing the form, WSU will have your contact information in the event of an emergency.


IMPORTANT:  To complete an International Travel Authorization Form, click the link below to download the form.  Do NOT open the form and try to complete it in a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.  The form must be opened and completed in Acrobat Reader in order for the form to work properly.

Download an International Travel Authorization Form