Lattes Galore at the New Cargill Café

Admissions staff members snap a selfie at the new Cargill Cafe.
Members of the Admissions staff - (front) Jane Lickteig, Elsie Hernandez, Coral Berning, Brittan Schmitz; (back) Sarah Buie, and Dawsyn Long  - try items at the new Cargill Café inside Woolsey Hall.


The Cargill Café is Wichita State University's newest on-campus dining option serving up delicious locally-brewed coffee from Reverie Coffee Roasters. The café is located on the main floor of the newly constructed Woolsey Hall, home of the Barton School of Business. Here are some reviews from the Admissions staff!

Members of the Wichita State Admissions staff try items at the Cargill Cafe.
Rosie Krenek, Baylee Almos, and Brittan Schmitz enjoy items at the Cargill Café.

Latte with Whole Milk: 4/5 rating

Rosie Krenek's thoughts - "From the reviews I've heard, Cargill may be a hit or a miss. For me, it was quite the hit. Coffee to me is like a warm hug in the morning (and I love a warm hug). My latte was just the right amount of espresso and milk. It wasn't too bitter, and it wasn't too weak. Cargill will be seeing me again in the future! From what I've learned through observation, if you keep your order simple, you may just find yourself with a very comforting, warm coffee hug in the morning! (or in the afternoon if you need a pick-me up)"

Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Biscuit: 3.5/5

Elsie Hernandez's thoughts - "The biscuit was a FIRE breakfast option. Comparable to Starbucks' breakfast items. First bite and I was in love wanting more."

Plant-Based Fudge Striped Cookies: 2.5/5

Elsie Hernandez's thoughts - "Cookies were mediocre. Aldi's has better cookies LOL."

Iced Chai Latte: 3/5

Iced Dirty Chai Latte: 2.5/5

Dawsyn Long and Quinn Munk's thoughts: "Dawsyn and Quinn weren't a fan of the specific chai they used, but Quinn liked the espresso in her dirty chai."

Iced Pumpkin Chai Latte: 3.5/5

Sarah Buie's thoughts: "Sarah got the pumpkin syrup with her chair and it has a little bit too much syrup for her preference. It wasn’t an ordering error, just the orderer’s error 😂"

Thoughts from Quinn Munk, Dawsyn Long, and Sarah Buie: "We all three decided trying the chai for our first experience at Cargill Café but it ended up not being the move...It was the cutest of places with very friendly staff and all three agreed to go again to try another item on their menu! 10/10 would recommend but don’t be too judgement if the first drink wasn’t their favorite."


Check back for regular reviews of Wichita State University's on-campus dining options!


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