Humans of Wichita State: Grad Edition - Zane Clark

Zane Clark

Zane Clark has been an academically driven student during his time at Wichita State and a member of Barton Business Ambassadors, Student Ambassador Society and Latinos Lead. Zane is also a transfer student and Adelante Scholar. Following graduation, he plans to be an accountant at Flint Hills Resources, a subsidiary company of Koch Industries.


Chanute, Kansas

Degree received

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

Why did you choose Wichita State?

I chose Wichita State University for multiple reasons. The Barton School of Business is double accredited by the AACSB for the School of Accountancy and the business school. I knew my education would be top tier because of the accreditations and being held to a higher standard.

Woolsey Hall was another feature that attracted me to Wichita State. I knew that with Woolsey Hall being built, it would open so many new opportunities for me as a student. The connections I have made during my time at Wichita State are connections that will last throughout my professional career.

The last reason was how friendly the faculty and staff are at Wichita State. They are very welcoming and are always there to support you and help you reach your goals.

Which organizations were you involved in during your time at Wichita State?

Barton Business Ambassadors (President 2022-2023), Student Ambassador Society (Vice President of Finance in 2022), and Latinos Lead.

How did being involved with Student Ambassador Society impact you?

Being in the Student Ambassador Society (SAS) has been an amazing experience for me. It helped me get a better understanding of Wichita State. I love hearing the stories from prospective students during their college search process and sharing with them my story of how I chose Wichita State.

Which Wichita State faculty or staff member impacted you the most during your time here?

Laura Zellers has had the most impact on me during my time at Wichita State. I have had her for several of my accounting courses and have enjoyed each one of her classes. Whenever I have questions, concerns, or want advice on something she is always willing to discuss it with me. She is someone who truly does care about her students and is always there to offer help or listen to concerns.

How are you feeling leading up to graduation?

It still has not fully set in that this is my last semester at Wichita State. I am excited to wrap up the semester and begin my next journey. Wichita State will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Which experience at Wichita State challenged you the most and what did you take away from that challenge?

I think the experience that challenged me the most was were the classes I needed to take for my degree. Accounting is one of the toughest college majors and there are so many rules, laws and regulations that you must learn during your four years. I struggled a lot in some of my courses, but I learned so much and grew professionally from them and they prepared me for my career.

 What are your post-grad plans?

I will be an accountant at Flint Hills Resources, a subsidiary company of Koch Industries. 

What advice would you give to incoming Wichita State students?

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. If you aren’t stepping out of your comfort zone into new areas, then you are not maximizing your growth. College is the time to help find your passions and help you become the best person you can be. Always ask for help if you are struggling or confused about something. There will always be someone on campus to help you.

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