The Perfect First-Day-of-Class Guide

Students on the first day of classes.Matt Crow/Undergraduate Admissions

With the first day of college approaching quickly, we want to make sure first-year Shockers are prepared and ready for their first day of classes at Wichita State. Follow these tips and tricks to ensure your first day in Shocker Nation is smooth sailing!

Familiarize yourself with Wichita State parking

The last thing you want is to be unable to find a parking spot on your first day of class. Make sure you purchase a parking permit and familiarize yourself with the student parking map before you head to campus on the first day!

Familiarize yourself with your class locations

You don’t want to show up on the first day and not know where your classes are! Make sure you study the Wichita State map and locate your classes in person before your first day.

Eat a balanced breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Make sure you eat a good, balanced and nutritious breakfast so you can have plenty of energy to get through your first day.

Have your schedule handy with times and locations

When I was in college, I made my class schedule my lock screen every year and it came in handy when I was getting from class to class. If you think this might be helpful for you, you can use a screenshot of your schedule to help you as you become more comfortable with your class schedule and times.

Have your Shocker ID easily accessible

You never know when you might need your Shocker ID! Be sure to have your Shocker card loaded with dining dollars and easily accessible so that you can grab meals and other needs easily.

Show up to class early

Showing up to class early on the first day can help ease the first-day jitters and stress. Show up 5-10 minutes early so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and to help ease your nerves throughout your first day.

Wichita State students in class.

Sit at the front of the classroom

If you want to start out on a good foot, make sure you sit at the front of the classroom to ensure you pay proper attention to your professor and the content. I’ve found that sitting close to the front helps me pay close attention to details I would have missed at the back of the classroom! Plus, your professors will appreciate your interest in them and the content they are teaching.

Read through your class syllabus

There is important information found in your class syllabi. Make sure you’re reading through every syllabi you’re given to ensure you don’t miss or misunderstand any important information.

Write down important dates and deadlines

Most professors will write out dates and deadlines inside your class syllabus. Make sure you’re reading through these dates and deadlines thoroughly and take the time to mark them all in your planners/agendas. You don’t want to forget to submit your assignments when the due dates arrive!

Introduce yourself to at least one person in each class

Having at least one familiar face in each one of your classes is crucial to your success. Introduce yourself to at least one person, get their contact information and network with them! Empower yourself to ask this friend to study with you or ask for help with assignment questions in the future. You won’t regret having at least one friendly face in each of your classes!

A student reading outside of Ablah Library.Matt Crow/Undergraduate Admissions

Explore campus to find your future study spots

Every student has their favorite or go-to study spots at Wichita State. Explore the campus and get to know new parts of it that you haven’t seen before. Be determined to find your favorite study spot--whether it’s quiet, the most scenic spot, or just the most cozy spot for your tastes.

Try out a restaurant in the Rhatigan Student Center

You’re going to need food to get you through your first day of school. The Rhatigan Student Center has several delicious restaurants that are available to students. If you’re feeling hangry at any point, stop at Panda Express, Freddy’s, Chick-Fil-A, Tu Taco or Shocker Grill & Lanes for a snack or a meal!

Take notice of events and happenings in the RSC

There is really always something fun going on inside the Rhatigan Student Center. Make sure to be present while inside the student center and stop by tables from student organizations, check out different departments and walk around the Cadman Art Gallery! There’s a lot to look at in the student center!

Take a break!

Your first day of school is 100% going to tucker you out. Make sure you recharge by taking plenty of breaks, drinking enough water and making time to rest. Breaks are crucial as you don’t want to get burnt out fast!

Relax at the end of the day

The first day of school is always a lot. It’s a lot of new information, meeting new people, beginning to understand your class content, logging dates and deadlines and making sure all your ducks are in a row to kick off a great semester. Do something relaxing for yourself at the end of the day—like watch a show, read a book or call a loved one to tell them all about your first day. Just make sure to relax and kick your feet up at the end of your first day—you’re going to need it!

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