Exploring Korean Street-Style Corndogs in Braeburn Square

Two Hands CorndogsPhoto by Kayla Klein/Undergraduate Admissions

I recently visited Two Hands Corn Dogs, the newest restaurant to open in Braeburn Square on the Wichita State campus. Upon entering, the bright colors and neon sign caught my attention. A large counter at the front served as the focal point for placing orders, with a few tables for those opting to dine in. The friendly staff made the decision process easier, especially considering it was my first time trying a Korean street-style corndog.

We ended up ordering the Signature Set, a recommendation from the staff, which is a trio of corndogs: the Two Hands Dog, Spicy Dog, and Classic Dog. One of my favorite parts of the experience was all the options to customize your corndog. For each corndog, you choose both the coating and filling.

For this outing, our selection included:

  • Two Hands Dog with spicy Two Hands Sausage
  • Spicy Dog with real mozzarella
  • Classic Dog with beef sausage
  • Side of elote
Two Hands CorndogsPhoto by Kayla Klein/Undergraduate Admissions

I enjoyed the Two Hands rendition of elote. The corn was deep-fried creating a perfectly crispy top coupled with well-balanced seasoning. If you’re a fan of elote like I am, I recommend trying this side item for a flavorful kick.

Among the corndogs, the Classic Dog was my personal favorite. The cinnamon sugar coating, though on the sweeter side, wasn't overpowering. Paired with a beef sausage, it offered a unique blend of flavors.  

The Spicy Dog covered in a coat of Flamin' Hot Cheetos and a spicy mayo drizzle, boasted an enticing crunch. However, the real star was the mozzarella filling, adding a layer of gooey indulgence that elevated the traditional corndog experience.

The Two Hands Dog was seasoned with the house blend and drizzled in ranch. Though the spicy Two Hands sausage's spice was slightly subdued, the seasoning and ranch compensated, making it a savory delight.

Two Hands CorndogsPhoto by Kayla Klein/Undergraduate Admissions

While our visit focused on corndogs, it's worth noting that Two Hands also offers boba.

Throughout our meal, the staff demonstrated commendable friendliness and attentiveness, enhancing our overall dining experience.

In conclusion, Two Hands delivered a fun and flavorful introduction to Korean street-style corndogs. With an array of customization options, a welcoming ambiance, and attentive staff, it's safe to say we'll be returning to Two Hands Corn Dogs for more foodie adventures.

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