Humans of Wichita State - Yovani

Yovani CruzMatt Crow/Undergraduate Admissions


Garden City, KS

Area of study

Mechanical Engineering

Why did you transfer to Wichita State University?

I chose Wichita State, not only for the opportunity, but because it was the biggest city in Kansas. I am currently majoring in mechanical engineering, so Wichita State was my number one choice when I was looking to transfer.

Why did you decide to study engineering?

I hope to one day work with airplanes, more specifically, engines! I’m fascinated by the complexity of them and how everything works as a system. The College of Engineering has multiple events where employees come to campus and meet with potential candidates for internships and employment!

How has your experience been working on campus?

As a transfer student, I was fortunate enough to hear about a position in the admissions office as a transfer guide. This position has allowed me to meet new people and make more connections than I ever expected. It has opened doors that further my knowledge and experience.

How have you found involvement on campus?

I currently work full-time so I don’t have much time to be involved on campus at the moment, however by going to club gatherings I was able to find others with similar interests as I did!

What advice would you give to those looking to transfer?

My advice to those who are looking to transfer is to search for a place that is not only beneficial to your career but also your personal life!


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