What Students Are Saying About the Barton School of Business

Students making Wichita State their destination for a business education shouldn’t come as a surprise. The number of students in the W. Frank Barton School of Business has risen 6.6 percent to more than 2,300 over the past five years.  This is spurred by the school’s commitment to preparing its students for success in their respective industries, and its new state-of-the-art facility – Woolsey Hall.

But what do students have to say about opportunities at the Barton School? Scholars from the Class of 2023 shared their thoughts in the school’s annual report.

Rani Somers, Recruitment Coordinator for the Barton School of Business, shares a smile with Maley Hansen, 2023 Gore Scholar.Matt Crow/Undergraduate Admissions
Rani Somers, Recruitment Coordinator for the Barton School of Business, shares a smile with Maley Hansen, 2023 Gore Scholar.


Maley Hansen - Gore Scholar, Wichita North High School

"I knew I wanted to go into business and the Barton School is the best business school in the state of Kansas. The first time I stepped into Woolsey Hall I knew I would want to call it home for the next four years. Not only it is a gorgeous building, but the people who work inside have offered me so much kindness and support in my time as a prospective student and I couldn’t imagine a better fit for me.”

Kayla Atkinson - Jabara Scholar, Andover Central High School

“I got the call about the (Jabara) scholarship minutes before I had to clock in for work. It was one of my best days of work ever. There are so many amazing business professionals that have gone through the Barton School program and Wichita has such a great reputation for entrepreneurship.”

Michael Goldberg - Koch Scholar, Wichita Collegiate School

“I was interested in Wichita State University because of its outstanding faculty and staff, and amazing academics offered. I am especially excited about the Barton School because of the new Woolsey Hall building and the endless opportunities I will have in it.”

Allison Helmut - Koch Scholar, Circle High School

“I spent a lot of time looking at different careers and ruling out options. My mom is an accountant. Looking at her career path made me realize that my skill set and personality will fit well in the accounting field.”

Alaina Veatch - Koch Scholar, Classical School of Wichita

“Without the financial element of a business, there is no business. It always comes back to what the financial risk or gain is. I have minimal knowledge at this point, and I am excited to learn more in my years at Wichita State.”

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